Death Rate Increases by 4% in England Due to Alcohol Consumption

The alcohol-related deaths have increased by four percent in England as per the figures that were published yesterday. The liver disease that is caused due to alcohol consumption has been one of the major causes of deaths in the year 2014. Sixty three percent of deaths in the year 2014 were due to this problem. In the past ten years, that is, in the time gap from 2005 to 2015, there has been an increase of thirty two percent of people who were admitted in hospital due to alcohol-related issues as reported by the Health and Social Information Centre. Another report reveals that there has been a dangerous impact on the lives of people after they started consuming alcohol.
It showed that the diseases or the injuries that are associated with drinking as a primary reason or secondary diagnosis shot up by 30K in a matter of just one year, where more than sixty five percent of men were impacted in total. This huge measure is considered as the best indicator of the total strain alcohol places on the national health.


A special report revealed that the prescriptions for the medicines for tackling alcohol dependence increased from 108,000 in the year 2005 to a massive 198,000 in the year 2015. There definitely was comfort for the government, but in a survey taken in the year 2014, around thirty eight percent of the secondary school pupils stated that they had attempted drinking alcohol, which represents the least figure since surveys started back in 1982, when it was sixty two percent.
This report got published 6 months after Dame Sally Davies, the Chief Medical Officer, came up with some new guidelines related to alcohol consumption. As per recommendation, it tried to reduce the weekly drinking limit for men from twenty one units to fourteen units; this was the same level as for women. They also recognized that any level of drinking will increase health-related risks.
The Local Government Association stated that the figures were pretty shocking. Izzi Seccombe, the person who manages the community wellbeing portfolio stated that the figure of almost one million for the broader measure covering alcohol-related admissions indicated a huge number were from middle aged and older age groups. Seccombe stated that in spite of drinking less the older people drink alcohol more often. This is a serious concern.

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