HairMax Laser Comb

Most of the people think that hair loss occurs due to aging and there is no confirmed way to stop or cure it from occurring. Some people feel that it’s impossible to stop hair loss due to the ineffective or slow result treatments. But, the fact is with HairMax Laser Comb, you no longer have to think hopeless about hair loss.

Laser Comb Treatment to Reduce Hair Loss

The laser hair comb is a device that emits a gentle red light to your scalp, to stimulate new hair growth.

The greatest thing about this comb is it is safe since it supports hair growth without the need any kind of medicines or applying creams on to your scalp. Because it is effective and safe, users don’t have to worry about side effects. Anybody can use this; people who are under medication can also use this. And this is the only medical device that is cleared by US FDA to stimulate hair growth.

HairMax Laser Comb Premium- A Battery Operated Device

With HairMax Laser Comb Premium, a battery operated device of Hairmax laser comb, hair loss treatment has become even more accessible and convenient. It is designed for durability and works by strengthening hair scalp, which promotes hair growth and thus hair growth is attained with less effort.

Hairmax laser comb premium is highly recommend since it makes the treatment of hair loss convenient, not time consuming, and is also inexpensive. It is the most effective, fastest, and cordless laser hair treatment, which can be done at your home.

You can experience a younger-look feel after using this comb, and with its advanced technologies you will have healthier, thicker, and fuller hair.

By using HairMax Laser Comb Premium, you can actually save over thousands of dollars and you can also say goodbye to costly hair loss treatments. Besides, you can manage hair loss with the most effective and comfortable laser hair comb.


How It Actually Works?

According to the inventor of HairMax LaserComb, Lexington International’s David Michael, HairMax transfers laser energy into your cellular energy and increase ATP to mitochondria that increases growth factors inside dermal papilla, motivating cell proliferation of hair matrix; this process is called as “photo bio stimulation”. It creates 9 laser beams in red spectrum, which stimulates hair growth. The laser comb’s teeth are designed to divide your hair correctly in order to allow the laser light to reach your scalp. This laser light essentially increases cellular metabolism and vascularization to encourage hair growth. When it is used in the right manner, most people can re-grow their hair.

How to Use It?

According to the instructions that are included in the demo, you should comb your hair for about 10 – 15 minutes for one treatment, side-to-side and front-to-front, moving the comb by half inch increments every 4 seconds. The treatment must be done 3 days in a week and the comb must be used after you shampoo your hair and your hair is free from styling products.

Using HairMax Laser Comb is quite easy; there are 2 buttons i.e. laser and power. To start, you must press power button and then press laser that will fire up laser beams. And, once the beams start emitting, you can place the comb on all parts of the scalp that you wish to tackle. This comb has automatic beeping sound that beeps in the set intervals. So, after 4 seconds you must move the comb one inch and keep on repeating till you finish entire area.

Consumer Reports

The consumer reviews vary for this product; it seems that typical pattern of consumer report is a grand euphoria at the beginning of the treatment and diminishes commitment to persist after few months of its use. Hardly few patients stick with this device for more than 6 months. Even though it’s questionable whether this device can re- grow lost hair, many people report enhanced shine and administer ability of their hair and believe their hair looks fuller, particularly people with dry hair. Few people have even noticed reduction in grey hair. The mechanism of the HairMax Laser Comb is not known, yet the consumer’s tiny response time to treatment poses the issue of whether surface changes are affecting hair growth.

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