How to Get the Right Layering Look for Winter?

When the mercury starts its southward journey, it is time to pull out your woolens to keep yourself warm. Some people dress so beautifully for the winter months that they become style icons without compromising on the comfort factor. But there are some who just put on anything and everything they can lay their hands up on to keep them warm and give the style a damn.

Winter is the time when you pull out your stock of bulky coats, woolen scarves and gloves. There are days when you feel like wearing everything together as it is too chilly. Relax! You can be stylish yet warm and comfortable in those days of chill, fog or snow by layering the clothes.
Layering is nothing but wearing clothes one over the other to trap air, which acts as a thermal insulator. In very cold climate, you can go with at least four layers trapping air in each layer that will help you stay warm.


The winter clothing has three layers to shield from harsh winter:

• The first is the base layer, which consists of undershirts or T-shirts. You also consider the option of wearing thermals as the base layer. The rule to follow is that the innermost or the base layer should be light.

• The middle layer can be single or double. You can wear a shirt, thin sweater, cardigan or vests in the middle layers. Winter gives you immense opportunity to mix and match and you can be creative enough to use your summer clothes too in the second middle layer. Like, for example, you can use a sleeveless sundress in dark shade and wear a thin sweater underneath it to give it a new look.

• The top layer consists of thick overcoats and jackets.
Use of scarves over the outfit keeps the neck warm and cosy and also adds a splash of colour to the overall visual appeal. If your coat is of muted shade, go for a bright coloured scarf to get the attention away from the coat.

When going for gloves, try using leather ones. They not only protect hands from wetness and wind, but also look classy. Make sure they have an inner lining for that extra warmth.

Winter months are excellent when it comes to teaming clothes to look classy and trendy. All that is required is little creativity.

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